Still fighting for Independence : #SaveIndia


“Indians are Slave and they will remain”

Fighting for Real Independence : Redefining its meaning………

They are many reasons for writing this post, as a thinker and analyst, I have decided that its the time I need to express my feeling over present situation of India. I already know and fully confirm that my saying doesn’t mean any one since Big media Bulls are even helpless and how can my words have strong Impact, Still I have to say so I express.

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Apne Blog pe kab sahi se likh paunga

Sochte Bahut aacha hai, Apne feelings ko words de, ideas bhi aache aa jate hai lekin Blog pe consistent Likh nahi paa rahe. The main reason is the lack of time and very much involved in Different dimensions. It’s now really important to have some attention on personal life, values and emotions. Life is a … Read moreApne Blog pe kab sahi se likh paunga

This is a Donkey Ride : Travelling in Rajdhani from NDLS to ADI 

For the first time I am travelling in Rajdhani Train and for the first time I am going to Ahmedabad, we’ll I am going for Railway work i.e on railway duty but not even have Railway confirmed ticket. Since I have to perform my duty so I need to go there that’s why I brought … Read moreThis is a Donkey Ride : Travelling in Rajdhani from NDLS to ADI 



Five Divine Abodes Five abiding places of God There are five different qualities – 1. Filial piety. 2. Feminine Chastity. 3. Brahmacharya. 4. Truthfulness 5. Devotion of God. My Self, Neelmani will explain all the above terms one by one in a much descriptive way. So, All the readers with beautiful mind are invited. These … Read moreFIVE STAIRS OF SELF – SUBLIMATION


Divine love for the Creator and all His creation ? Everybody wants to be in love. It could be with a person or some aspect of life that one is passionate about. The only requirement is total engagement of the heart. Worldly love is something everyone experiences, but there are some blessed souls who experience … Read moreTHE MOST EXALTED EXPRESSION OF LOVE…..


self love

Its Remain Unaffected What in this world you love the most ? Your spouse! Your parents! Your Children! Your Job! Your Success!. Most of you must be having different opinion, to some body spouse may be the dearest, to some one else the priority may be parents or children, but one thing that will permanently … Read moreTHE DESIRE AND THE LOVE FOR ‘SUCCESS’