“Indians are Slave and they will remain”

Fighting for Real Independence : Redefining its meaning………

They are many reasons for writing this post, as a thinker and analyst, I have decided that its the time I need to express my feeling over present situation of India. I already know and fully confirm that my saying doesn’t mean any one since Big media Bulls are even helpless and how can my words have strong Impact, Still I have to say so I express.

Its 2017 and counting years as we are celebrating 70th Independence Day, Well I will be soon be reaching 30 in few years and I have done nothing for Independence for India. Some of you might be confused “why I am saying this”? since I am thinking “Should I ruin my personal life for saving India or, Be remain Happy by making gossips of  politics and entertainment”.

Indians you should keep following points in mind if you are still busy in hosting flag and eating Jalebi with your friends….

  1. Political system is so rubbish that politicians call themselves as they are king and Lord, their preliminary focus not remain for Development but for the scheme that can purchase Votes. Politicians Background core thinkers group meets daily and make plans for generating money from the Business man’s, and also from Indian treasury by imposing huge taxes and making schemes. All the top politicians have only personal desires to be remain on chair by any means and generate fund for 5 years to be there for 5 years. If you want to prove it : Here is Best example of present Modi’s Sarkar, Simple example is that we had service tax of 12.5% and we are now giving 18%, Increase in 50% revenue, Government is saying we will have increase in revenue and have progress in country by utilising that revenue, but the fact is that increase in revenue will make Modi Sarkar to allocate fund and make Scheme that will directly help Party for funds for next election. Also to notice why political parties spend so much, You say we are living in Digital India? If you can change total currency of India within  a month then you can join Indian Citizen to Aadhar Based Home Voting system so that Campaigning money looted by you must have some lagaam as ghore is lagaam. But you will not do that since its a politics of Vote Bank. “Khud bhi kuch samajho na”. We need to change the present political system of India otherwise we will ruin ourself.
  2. Central Government is not even capable of having proper control over its area,  J&K asking for Independence regulary, South India kabhi Kabhi and North East also fighting for the same, time will come when New Delhi will be only India and All states will have self Independent country. “I think it will be better for better progress of the region, its true dear since we have different Rules and Regulation for living in different states.
  3. Sometime what happened that Politicians make make Indians to think about patriotism by terrorist attack so that people of India should not focus what they doing in Background. Actually Internal system of India is that we funds terrorist.
  4. Education System  of India – The Previous 10 years has seen drastic changes. we are having expensive Medical and Engineering Education. We are not having R&D labs because we are not doing any Research in the field. Scientists are wasting time in labs. Only ISRO is making Impact and somewhat DRSO only. A common man wishes to teach his son and their are not enough Government colleges to help him. For study take a loan and then fight for Bangalore Based jobs and get ready to retire in 40’s. NCERT Books chapters on History, Civics, Geography changes a lot since 2005 , compare it with present Book of class 10th and you will understand, How politics is making us sick and making slave of ourself.
  5. TV based Media can’t do anything since they are under the influence of Politicians.
  6. Our Entertainers main focus on making money and 90% of them produce B Grade movies to degrade society. They are not promoting and saving cultural system of India.
  7. We are fighting within self on the name of Caste, Religion. Politicians sell out these thing for running their parties and Government.
  8. Investors Invest only on making Brands they want to make money not on development of the society.
  9.  Allopathic Medicine are so costly that you will sick. Also we are losing our Natural way of Medicine.
  10.  Presently India is Hopeless, since only to elect government and change it will not change the mindset of politicians, since they hold the real responsibility for the progress of Nation. But sorry to say Sorry India.

Time is coming when there will we strong Internal fights, Huge Yuva force will fight to break out all these top criminals and will make a better system with proper planning. So  that India will Better India, and we should proud of.


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