URL Blocked by Govt of India

hello everyone today is 2021 I am feeling tired right now the whole weather is raining for 2 days the air feeling is heavy. it was quite hectic schedule at the business well I got free around 1 p.m. after that it was busy with with office work actually I am the admin of IREPS work, I got free then 8 PM night. Today I rolled a little bit and made plan of Daily checks and Important work that is to be done.

I need to focus on my looks body as I am just 30 and looks much older than it. I have fit vegetarian body so I need to improve now.

The whole thing is that I got lazy for myself only that’s why I do not focus on my looks my dresses and else I just work I just work and sleep time has come that I should focus on myself more.

well, apart from that I got busy in Google Home setup for my devices and Automation. Joined the Google Programme to make future better with some applications.

It was bit surprising and make me think seriously about the message from Government of India on my blog neelmani.co.in. see below

URL Blocked by Govt of India

But after 5 minutes of Refreshing sites the whole thing gone and site is opening and I am able to make post. Mean while I thought no one see my blog and how GOI blocked it. Very funny……….

An update on Cryptocurrency that the market fallen Down today too. I think Doge Coin will boost soon very much as UAE construction company has announced to take payment in that.

well, feeling sleepy and its time to sleep see you soon.

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