Facebook always ask, what’s on your mind? well the answer is many things are running simultaneously as Business, Job, Family, Games, Country, God, Astrology, languages but right now I would like to share something. 4 years ago I had visited the Ahmedabad, i was privileged to be in Rajdhani train for the first time from Delhi and Ahmedabad. The environment of inside the train was Business class. The young boys were talking and sharing ideas on the Business, their startups. Gujarati families enjoying their own meals avoiding Train services. The young ladies comparing the ride quality of the Train with the Donkey ride.
I stayed for 5 days in Ahmadabad for my BISAG Project with Indian Railway. The place was staying was just infront of Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication, TCS. well, one day Sonu Nigam, the singer also arrived that college and I also enjoyed the event there on giveaway tickets by a young entrepreneur, who was running Brand “chai pe sutta”. Well, It was awkward name for me, but when i listen to him, he was running more than 50 stalls in that city, apart from that he was doing job too.
Earlier in train, the 19 years old entrepreneur discussing ideas on his startups and sharing visiting cards. The theme and scent i smelled at that phase of 5 days in Gujarat made me love and inspired. There are many things to share about first experience of whole place. The systematic Traffic, time to time buses. How the government over there has well utilized the Desert.

It all about the mindset of the people by he people to the people. Human nature is to compare, so i compared with my Bihar and I was lost completely as Some one is on Head and some one is on Toe.

Well, I am a Government Servant and being a servant, I have many bridle in my life, but try to overcome all shadows and regularly make some effort to make my presence for myself only in my life*.

Well, I do run a small startup called Mani Square , on my own money not Government money (since i am learning things slowly slowly). On E commerce services side I regularly receive order across PAN India but this time I got a order from SABARMATI AHMEDABAD. So, the whole thing run over my mind.

oowhoooo! well, my services has just made some impact. well, little joy motivates you, gives you opportunity to share something. Well, right now Doing little things over longer period do Big things.

Life is all about moving ahead like a Tortoise (Slowly, steady and for longer time.)
*- more explantaion there but left for next part.

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