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Day went busy with the Muzaffarpureshop orders cancellation and deliveries. Many orders cancelled and just few delivered. Rate updation was made. well submitted the Application for the third time for the Local guide Summit at California. Hope this time i will be selected. Video remained same as I have no time to shoot a new fresh video and corona Lock Down Prevails.

Today the matter on the TV prevails about the artisans and workers who work daily to live daily. Due to the Lockdown many workers facing problems. Bihar Government announced 100 crore for them. Hope some thing will be done. At Evening the District Magistrate of Muzaffarpur announced that Shop will be opened between 4 Pm to 6 PM in the evening and 6 to 9 AM in the morning.

I am asked from the Police at evening that I am with Corona or against since I was in process of delivery orders and it was risky since private vehicles are not allowed.  well, all was good expect a few uttak baithak to be in House. well no one know in house expect here. It was fun. I was feeling that I am playing a Game as Police all where and I am skipping from their eyes. Well jokes apart. Its time to be in House that’s it.

All Police men are in power and they are doing best to safe guard citizens. Since its dangerous for the Nation. Apart from that I have one video and Pic to Share of my son “Ved Prakash Mani” with his Dadi Maa and Dada. recorded by his Mother.

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-26 at 19.25.36

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