Its day 3 of committed writing on my blog feeling well now, Yesterday plan of daily routine has work today and it’s giving me immense pleasure to act on that.

Today I also learnt by an incident to that you can’t depend on someone for your work. well, I have taken by Laptop back and it will be now my turn to show them how much i can do single handedly. I hired some one and my content was going some where else. well, I pointed out in right time.

out of 13 task listed today, only 11 done but i am satisfied as after long time I have understand myself and feeling me inside me as I was not here and some where else. Actually during Job hours you become machine and don’t get time to discover yourself. Everything has their own importance but its good to me as back once again.

Today I tasted Litchi in 2021 and it was sweet. Couple of Rainy days over now and no clouds were seen. UFOs news becoming viral as in USA many cases has come to light. Its hectic schedule as in early morning treadmill schedule has been fixed with the RPM fitness on their APP.

URL Blocked by Govt of India

hello everyone today is 2021 I am feeling tired right now the whole weather is raining for 2 days the air feeling is heavy. it was quite hectic schedule at the business well I got free around 1 p.m. after that it was busy with with office work actually I am the admin of IREPS work, I got free then 8 PM night. Today I rolled a little bit and made plan of Daily checks and Important work that is to be done.

I need to focus on my looks body as I am just 30 and looks much older than it. I have fit vegetarian body so I need to improve now.

The whole thing is that I got lazy for myself only that’s why I do not focus on my looks my dresses and else I just work I just work and sleep time has come that I should focus on myself more.

well, apart from that I got busy in Google Home setup for my devices and Automation. Joined the Google Programme to make future better with some applications.

It was bit surprising and make me think seriously about the message from Government of India on my blog see below

URL Blocked by Govt of India

But after 5 minutes of Refreshing sites the whole thing gone and site is opening and I am able to make post. Mean while I thought no one see my blog and how GOI blocked it. Very funny……….

An update on Cryptocurrency that the market fallen Down today too. I think Doge Coin will boost soon very much as UAE construction company has announced to take payment in that.

well, feeling sleepy and its time to sleep see you soon.

Today, Its 20th May hi everyone today is 20 my 2021 I am in Muzaffarpur it’s raining since morning who are greatest or since morning two boys delivered order in rain from best waste because they started doing order from west and ended in East we are delivering orders from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. in lockdowns on my I Muzaffarpur a shop website as I told you it’s raining since morning Brazil reserve is not stopping rain stop the act 1 p.m. approx and still I am writing this blog it’s still raining no wonder how I am interested in trading in equity trading but in within a week 15 to 20 days I got interested in cryptocurrency in India many people are doing a pregnancy for since a long time in many people earning a lot but since it is too venerable I decided not to go with it but right now the thing is that the world is going towards it and everyday a new cryptocurrency come into action actually you have to be with the world you have to know that everything to gain some knowledge for that knowledge point of view thought that I would start investing in cryptocurrency that’s why I have just invested small amount of 3000 and someone is assisting me in doing so present condition is that today is that the whole market has just crashed up the Wazir X platform and the binance platform and all the provinces platform which give platform for trading had just got cast craft for what crash because the market has just gone below my 3000 rupees is the hello to 2200 right now as I am writing this blog it is 2400 so investors are coming very much because this is used potential in very much coin so so the platform Where are not ready to take so much of investors and so much of trading in a good point of time because trading is a very good point of time response you need to response in a very quick manner the condition is that the market has just recovered itself and it is running good the main thing behind the the downfall of cryptocurrency is that Elon Musk which very much great influencer Actually earlier he used to take money for the car buying in Bitcoin but right now in 5 days 7 days ago has announced that he will not take any payment in Bitcoin actually promoted and other cryptocurrency known as doggy that’s why the price has just gone down and somehow something some rumours and some influences are making that type of note that it is influencing the cryptocurrency market but the thing is that every country every nation is just thinking on bringing their own cryptocurrency on digital currency and in the future it is going to in the future it’s going to be run by every countries because everyone right now is doing financial transactions from their mobile from the applications mostly ok.

Earlier we used to observe that people make to use cheque payment ok cash but right now everything is gone digital as in the covid-19 the past two years there is a significant rise in the digital currency so the future is here future is in cryptocurrency and it is the first it is invented 2008 Bitcoin the first currency was invented in 2008 by unknown person by unknown Grover person but algorithm and the security measures or so that it is right now running and it is booming ok so that was the major some concept on that I am learning divide a learning a small things doing businesses I am in lockdown I am in at my home the government has announced the Bihar government has announced love down till 25th of my I created blog my website 8 to 10 years before the thing is that I am so much busy in my own self I am I thought I should write but the thing happens in that way that I am not able to write I got lazy but to get something you need to think upon every time you need to understand yourself what you are what you need to do what is your ultimate goal what you want to do so I just got that on my Chromebook I will use to write only my blog every night every night every night not by typing the things that I am writing my blog by speaking and that’s going to help me a lot the speed by which my hands will move on the type keyboard any thoughts are running very fast so it was making me hardship to just I for me and what is the way it is a very great tool that I just speaking I am just speaking and it is typing fast fast as fast so School school not school baby it School cool cool. Now its right.

is it 8pm right now and I am in the mood of reading some books and it’s raining outside I got missed to tell you something the WhatsApp flying today the birds were flying today in the morning I saw a white bird just in front of my house and it was beautiful I just ran to Grab my DSLR and got a picture actually I was successful as I click the picture and I was happy but as soon I thought I should see it and it was nothing can you say why because there was no kind there was no card in the camera because the card was in the laptop and I just forget it and as soon as I just put my card into the camera the bird was flew away so I can’t them full but in the evening I get some picture of small birds and Dangal take a long breath after a long time I think I am very much satisfied because I have written so much and express my emotions expressed my thoughts Express the highlighted point of the day and it School again it’s cool no baby it’s cool yes.

but one thing I would like to mention here because I am writing a blog each day you solve phenomena which disturb your mind so I would like to tell I would like to to express my concern over that the concern is that we are in very hard times we are in coronavirus we the people handmade distance from our family members IT officers our business is our markets and all the places temples some people facing problem of covid-19 those who suffered it go to private hospitals and pay for their treatment but what I am feeling that the private hospitals I am making money yes you can do it yes you can make money it’s your job but don’t try to kill the person in the name of covid I have witnessed many cases that was good, working properly he had the symptoms of covid-19 but it was not too serious that within 24 hours within 4 hours within 2 hours you can’t say that it is very serious and in any diet you even do not give the dead body to the family I want just want to to mention here that hospitals some hospitals criminals pull out the major organs from the body government mast you are IAS and IPS officers if we have taken the job for the society then please be responsible take action enjoy your duty I am in very much pain grave and and anger but I can just pray to God over help us god  save us.