Neelmani, A Civil Engineer, Blogger and a Writer.

He is the “Server to the Masters whose Ignorants called Human”. He believes that the one and ultimate energy which guides the world is comprised of our selves. He Born Spiritually but of high thinking and analysis, he just motivated himself and began searching for the ultimate truth. Right Now, he is working on himself to discover the energy and find him for the world, so that this world can be run with a peaceful lives.

With the Ideas and teachings of Neelmani, soon world will be known to be a real world. so, we may connected with him on this Blog :, You may also follow him on twitter and Facebook @scholarsmani and neelmaniofficial respectively.

Right Now he is working on several ideas, will be revealed later after completion.

As far as Neelmani’s Qualification is concerned he is having Diploma and B.Tech in Civil Engineering for the India’s oldest college, Muzaffarpur Institute of Technology. He has resigned from four government jobs. He is also a Aflliate Member of American Institute of Civil Engineers. From India, his face is only moving in photo around the world as reported by NASA. From Google, he has been awarded for the Mapping and searching programmes.

So, Neelmani is Self made Person, Self Inspired and soon will be a source for Inspiration for all.

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