Its day 3 of committed writing on my blog feeling well now, Yesterday plan of daily routine has work today and it’s giving me immense pleasure to act on that.

Today I also learnt by an incident to that you can’t depend on someone for your work. well, I have taken by Laptop back and it will be now my turn to show them how much i can do single handedly. I hired some one and my content was going some where else. well, I pointed out in right time.

out of 13 task listed today, only 11 done but i am satisfied as after long time I have understand myself and feeling me inside me as I was not here and some where else. Actually during Job hours you become machine and don’t get time to discover yourself. Everything has their own importance but its good to me as back once again.

Today I tasted Litchi in 2021 and it was sweet. Couple of Rainy days over now and no clouds were seen. UFOs news becoming viral as in USA many cases has come to light. Its hectic schedule as in early morning treadmill schedule has been fixed with the RPM fitness on their APP.

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