share trading

I started trading on NSE. I was aware of the Share & Debenture market since 2003, when i was in class VIII. The Banking and Share chapter has influenced me a lot at that time. I was influenced so much I started my own Banking system within my family range and have assets of 20,000/- ta that time. I also started Insurance.

But to be in Actual Share Industry it took me 15 years from there. The first company I invested was Ultratech cement. Actually the whole trading lies between Exchange, Brocker and Investors. I was just checking how to trade via online Platform. I am a Blogger and have very much idea of sites i.e How sites are being programmed to do a function? so, I bought 2 shares and sold it out quickly.

I observed a loss of Rs 3.50 since I was using it on Market price. It was just to check. But at the end of the Day when I checked for Statement by Brokerage it was Rs. 65/-. I was surprised a bit and shocked too and was also getting funny on Market system and Brokerage agency too. well, It was all taxes. It was high since Value of Share was in 4000/- range.

So, My experience started from LOSS & its good after then its all profit and profit. I just write and never check spelling and grammatical errors. If some one catches then convey to me.

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