For the first time in my life, I have seen such big impact of any virus. PM announces complete lock down for 21 days. People of India are requested to stay Home. Today, I went office by car and Lock Down was felt at NH and in office too. Finally office letter came in to action to be at Home till 31st March.

Finally I am able to have Speaker Dolby surround sound with TV, XBOX, and Satellite Box. Full Dolby Experience was not happening as some configuration of cables and settings was to be understood and I got it right this time. Well, Happy….

Weather is not OK and felling not good within. Well, its time to stay Home. Sensex is down too much. Lots of financial loss to every businesses in India as well as economy of the Nation.

Corona Virus is having huge impact on our economy and life. Its time to praise to God. Hope all goes right and we will be soon over this infectious virus and have healthy life.

Its a time for the lesson to the Government of all countries and especially to have more Doctors and Hospitals across the every corner. The time is changing we need to have more powerful system of Medical and Education System. In country we must have free Education and Medical facilities.

Well, 7 days I have free from all Business and Job Routine. I need to focus on myself.

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