Divine love for the Creator and all His creation ? Everybody wants to be in love. It could be with a person or some aspect of life that one is passionate about. The only requirement is total engagement of the heart. Worldly love is something everyone experiences, but there are some blessed souls who experience … Read moreTHE MOST EXALTED EXPRESSION OF LOVE…..


self love

Its Remain Unaffected What in this world you love the most ? Your spouse! Your parents! Your Children! Your Job! Your Success!. Most of you must be having different opinion, to some body spouse may be the dearest, to some one else the priority may be parents or children, but one thing that will permanently … Read moreTHE DESIRE AND THE LOVE FOR ‘SUCCESS’

I am living in conflict – Help me………

I am living in conflict and asking to myself a question “Is it possible to live a life without conflict” . Actually All our lives are in contradiction, in conflict, either the conflict born of trying to conform, conflict through fulfillment, or to conflict engendered by social influence. Everything we touch turns into conflict, within … Read moreI am living in conflict – Help me………

Hello India – You have nothing to lose

nothing to lose2 (3) My Mother India, I am saying to you – Your Existence is in Danger

There are lots to say and ask to you, so read till end. We live in India and we were taught in childhood and even to present generation that we are the best in the world with the poems and songs. I am reaching 25 and my friends and nearby concerned usually ask what’s your opinion, who is better ? To whom you are going to vote? who is your favorite leader? Always these question make by B.P high but I realise suddenly that this is fact, and those who live in fact, lives on earth primarily in India.

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