I am living in conflict and asking to myself a question “Is it possible to live a life without conflict” . Actually All our lives are in contradiction, in conflict, either the conflict born of trying to conform, conflict through fulfillment, or to conflict engendered by social influence. Everything we touch turns into conflict, within and without . Either it’s a war between people or life as a human being is a battlefield within. We all know his constant, everlasting battle, outwardly and inwardly. Conflict does produce a certain result by the use of the will, but conflict never is creative. To live, to flower in goodness.

so, I am asking my friends, Is it possible to live a life without conflict, in the modern world with all the strain, struggles, pressures and influences in the social structures? That is really living- the essence of a mind that is inquiring seriously, The question of whether there is God, whether there is truth, whether there is truth, whether there is truth, whether there is beauty can only come when this is established , when the mind is no longer in conflict.


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