nothing to lose2 (3) My Mother India, I am saying to you – Your Existence is in Danger

There are lots to say and ask to you, so read till end. We live in India and we were taught in childhood and even to present generation that we are the best in the world with the poems and songs. I am reaching 25 and my friends and nearby concerned usually ask what’s your opinion, who is better ? To whom you are going to vote? who is your favorite leader? Always these question make by B.P high but I realise suddenly that this is fact, and those who live in fact, lives on earth primarily in India.

Yes, we the people of India has made a constitution whose power for creating a government and running it is not efficient since the clause and the officials working directly under the law are not having enough power and courage to run a system efficiently. Now, I am explaining to you, lost of Parties, lots of Independent candidates and no educational qualification, no primarily competition. We usually in our society make a good sense and respect for those who are writers, thinkers and are achievers in education. so, why there should n’t be limitation of number of candidates in any election, no party system. our whole election system need to be changed. we the present generation mostly live in a hypnotism world where we care only for our stomach and family since we have not capability, and once a  have write this type of note to calm down the mind and have some rest in India with some peace.

You Media, why you are engaged in only making and breaking of government, you are the real heroes of India and you have the only potential to change our system to make the country even better. so I urge all the channels to think on the part of India, not on the part of money only. Yes, I know you serve paid news, but this enough 70 years gone and lost its 70% economy since dollar can buy our Rs.70 assets. (If you are not understanding, then compare with the gold, since country economy is measured with the gold only).

In the past the foreign traders made India weak for 200 years, but in present scenario the Indian as well as foreign traders like HLL and many more have made the control over whole economy of India. our all corrupt politicians have swiss as well as other accounts in Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and neighbours and on the other islands. The biggest party of the country, INC has its wealth equal to country to economy,  ( If you not believe then make a discovery from Rajeev’s Gandhi watch and from Swiss bank Accounts).

I am thankful to the Indian court for making good Judges at the supreme level but not on the district level, the no. of black men in the court clearly need pending cases for their livelihood.

our politicians are so much corrupt that to move or force the matter from the main stream they made terrorist attacks, they made naxalists.

I salute our Indian Army, for still having believe in country India. We are since you are, so please inspite of all demons within India, you are requested to maintain courage and loyalty for your mother land. I know you are given less powerful cameras and gadgets in comparison to those you obtained from terrorist. since our government is failure in developing the researchers in every field and developing the technology within India.

These politicians are making force to bad education and dissolving the basic education for the tenth standard students. I teach students and i have also studied the tenth books, the NCERT pattern is not having so much capability to make a sense to students, now mental growth is not the purpose, the only purpose is to pass the examination. Even guardians force their children to have school level board exam and teachers are forced to pass every students.

For the India, we need great planners, highly motivated in every field from politics, law, engineering, management, Human affairs in every field that counts for building  a nation, so I urge the people to think on your part and make a statement.nothing to lose2 (1)

If we continued as we are there will nothing to live, eat, drink and even think for our nation, so my dear we have nothing to lose.

On all these topics, I am ready to have full debate by any one.

Neelmani @ 22:20 on 15/05/2014. Just written in single momentum and my own views ⌐ Neelmani.

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