good_for_nothingNow we have proved that we are good for nothing except

Sachin and ICT.

I have got so much respect from Indians, fans, wow! isn’t it. Every one is calling me a God of Cricket. Every one knows my name and call Sachin ! Sachin ! and these fans’ fans have elevated me to the zenith of the Sky. So, Now I am a God … he he he.. I am God of cricket. As God is immortal, So, I will not die, might be possibly in Physical existence but my work will always be analyzed as a God of cricket.

My Dear Indians, Listen carefully and understand the fact that why we are promoting sachin so much. we are not promoting sachin ,we are making money of him or loosing ourself ( By Spending our precious time, I feel that time is equal to money so, we are only looser ). Actually in the present context of society no one wants to stay behind in making any news ranging from politicians, to actors to Businessman to common man. , A common man entertain himself by seeing cricket and cricketers entertain them self by playing cricket and Business man entertain themselves by selling products on the name of cricket and News maker by highlighting and calling a mere a game player as a God and connecting with the pride of country and our Politicians who are ridiculous and good for nothing, make it pride and promote with tagging themselves with BCCI.
The Virus of cricket has maked the cricket viral in the country India, that’s why we are investing our time in nonsense activities e.g watching cricket. Now I am going to disclose the fact. The fact is that When Cricket was a baby in India then a 16 years old baby Sachin start playing and continued to play till this age. so its obvious that he will attain this much run and career and for this If we got in a frame to think that Cricket is only sport for country and since he is retiring ,, Oh! Oh! we are losing … God & Gold. You Busted! you are losing nothing.

I appeal my younger generation to understand himself as a sachin , you have to learn the Instinct, Inspiration and focus from sachin. Develop the character like Sachin in you, not by playing cricket only but the field you opt for in your career. Make you country Proud not by small entertainment package like cricket but by your work like some research and always do work in real existence and not by Virtual work as the cricketers are doing and we, common ones who are are killing and selling our time for false Pride.

Live as you are and contribute in that mode by which a common man get benefited by you, not by selling and promoting product on TV by increasing a Brand Ambassador fee and looting a common man. Actually we are like Katpuli in the hands of big Politicians and Industrialists. This is the reason why, these crickets got a familiar relation with them overnight.

Work for yourself, Society and Country in Real Existence. Invest your time in Increasing mental activities and making India a Prosperous country and disabling the corrupt politics in India.

Note : If some one is feeling bad with my words, say strongly… I am with you to make you laugh…

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