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Muzaffarpur : 23/24 October : 00:00 mid night – When you sit quietly and focus on the subject what you adore and read then internally you acknowledge many things and learn internally. I mostly remember my days when I was in class X in 2005 and preparing for my Board Exam. All 12 hours of Study focused and focused and Before and after also. Well, study is most likable things I have. I know myself when I study and do with concentration. When you concentrate then now only you study the subject when during that period you learn  and analyse many things, may be of your life, may be some thoughts. This is the time when new thoughts just originates from within and we realise the truth.

When your thought process is right then you always become positive and see all the things and matter positively. In that Positive context, I thought why do we say All the Best. Well, I haven’t search yet the Internet yet for that reason but what I revealed is all positive. I proud myself when I was in MIT and one of my professor was inspiring in the final year for our life then in the class I got an opportunity to explain my “ALL THE BEST” to every one. This BEST thing happen now always when I gift some one New Year Dairy.

I appreciate myself for such thought since self appraisal  is first all necessary before other should. My “ALL THE BEST” teaches and explains everyone that All of us should be BEST i.e you should be:

B+ve, Earn+ve, Say+ve and Think+ve.

Well, its not quite simple and you thinking right now, we must keep in mind and when we say ALL THE BEST, so before saying some someone we are getting more positive and if you are positive BEST will definitely happen. so, get Best out of Now and Live your life.

I am writing this post after a long time. When its reach mid night and my inner soul just wake up and when there is peace all around then i got a message from by sub conscious mind that this is not Neelmani what I have made for, Awake yourself and rise above all. Well, its Stomach make you sick of your mind always. Once Swami Vivekananda said that ask the poor one who have not eaten for many days who are in crisis, God is all food and those who give Inspirations are full of foods. so, our prime consideration is all force for food that’s why I am lagging behind. But Now onwards I will try hard to everyday to write some. Its 00:00 midnight 23/24 October 2019.

Post has been written directly with the thoughts and lots of grammer mistakes will be there, so forgive me.

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