The Urge in us not just for love but also respect. The greatest fear in any relationship is of losing respect. Respect demands some distance. Love Cannot tolerate distance. This is the basic conflict in relationships. When you are not centered and when you have no depth within you, when you are shallow, how can you gain respect ? The more someone comes close to you, the more you fear they will come to know about your fears, your anxieties, and smallmindedness. This does result in a loss of respect, and once the respect is loss, the love loses its charm.

Love is not an happening , love is being. Love is not an act, it is existence . Love is not emotion, it is your very nature. Feelings change, thoughts change, ideas change, bodies undergo change all the time, but the deep thirst within us is for something that is not changing , something that is eternal, something that is always the same. That is why we use these eternal phrases or expressions when we are in love. We want to feel this love forever because love takes you beyond time. When you are in love you don’t notice time, you feel it has been five minutes when you might have spent five hours.

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