he most exalted expression of love.Divine love for the Creator and all His creation ?

Everybody wants to be in love. It could be with a person or some aspect of life that one is passionate about. The only requirement is total engagement of the heart. Worldly love is something everyone experiences, but there are some blessed souls who experience divine love; the extraordinary of feeling of being in love with God. Indic scriptures offer many stirring examples.

The gopis of Brindavan revelled in their love of Krishna and achieved an exalted status. Saints like Kabir, Mirabai, Tukaram, Namdev like them immortalised divine love in verse.

There is nothing equal to divine love which alone can help the devotee experience God.

Many are the means described for the attainment of the highest goal….. but of all I could name, verily love is the highest; what ineffable joy one finds through love of Me, the blissful self! Once that joy is realised, all earthly pleasures fade in to nothingness….. “

In essence, love for the divine is about the basic attraction of the individual soul for the Supreme Soul and this is the present in different  in degrees in every atom of creation. However, is its bliss accessible only to evolved souls like saints and sages or can ordinary mortals too draw from its grace ?

Divine love is above all the other paths like Raja yoga, Jnana yoga and Karma yoga, as the only qualification is sincere, pure love. When spiritual longing begins to manifest, God too makes His presence felt in Subtle, Mysterious ways. The longing for God’s love becomes a magnet which attracts and pulls us towards the divine. Moreover, the attraction and engagement of the human soul with the highest, the Over soul, purifies by association and elicits the latent divinity within.

Divine Romance Between the Bhakta and God is the

most exalted expression of love.

Worldly love has its limitations and changes with time but divine love is changeless and unconditional. However, though God loves us ceaselessly, he does play some games too, as part of His divine leela. After revealing Himself, he hides wants the devotee to seek him out. This happen with every lover of God, whether mystic, saint or layman. Thus, half the saga of divine love is the saga of longing.

We all need miracles in our life and what better way to experience this than by saturating our hearts with divine love for the creator and all His creation ?

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