Om – Universe – Me and You

  • Before 10,000 years ago before this Human civilization.
  • Our Height was more than Eight Feet.
  • Life was minimum 300 years.
  • Electricity was free to air and originated from one place of the Earth from Egypt.
  • India was source and Place of Education, Mantras and Knowledge.
  • All the powers were generated from mouth words with chanting of words.
  • Gods were like aliens as they come from space ship, some how like Temples we have.
  • They have Asthdhatu material for the source of power and Important material which Nasa Space Agency right now using it from thief from India like Iridium. (They Search the origin of the metal and deploy local to grab the idols and escape). Iridium extractor are within large houses of richest family of India to help these Satellite organisation.) .
  • All over India and especially south we had special temples to connect with outside world.
  • Gold is always used to connect with powers.
  • You can use Gold to make some one transparent with the use of free energy from environment.
  • Nalanda University Library had the tower and free liquid to grab the free energy and light up local.
  • Mount Kailash is the Natural Pyramid to connect with the God’s world.
  • Kalash and Kailash (Kalash is used to get energy within home with Navagrah (Nine Planets Materials).
  • So, India is old civilization extending from Arabs to Indonesia.
  • Mecca has Sivaling and Sivaling is all over world as it is the source of life.
  • When this world will finally collapse then all Gold Materials will come at one place first then other metals.
  • Snake is the oldest friend and life with the humans and has the connection with the God or you may call aliens.
  • There are someone watching you and recording all thing and will make better Earth and world next time with much more and corrected sense.
  • A Human body is whole universe himself and all cells electricity can be combined to do anything just concentration and peace required.
  • We are the just next to the God or aliens and Challenging to acquire power and come to me.
  • If you get closer to them then they will test you making always adverse situation.
  • The position of stars, Moon and Sun rule the Earth, all made in specific way. Earth has all the materials of whole universe (means all the planets if ever explored and even the Nine planets).
  • Always wear Gold on your body.
  • Hairs on your Head helps to make patience and calm and read the signals.

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