happy Dhanteras

Happy Diwali to all of you. Its evening on the Dhanteras and seeing Jaadu everywhere, also saw people in line for buying Silver Coins at Tanishq Motijheel. It was evening 8:30 PM as usual from office. Every year its bring joy that today I will buy Silver or metals for my home, even utensils. Well, market is full of joy, people are buying the idols of Lord Ganesha and Laxmi. Its Deepawali on Sunday and its day before the festival to buy for it.

At my office, Tea party and small group meeting just to greet everyone on festivals happened. It was somehow surprising that such time of meeting happened for the first time since i have joined my workplace for 5 years. Actually Distance is always maintained between officers and official staffs. But this time it was some different. Well, its appreciable and good. Some common problems were sort out in this first meeting and hope it will continue further at every occasions.

Its not the daily thing for which I have made this Blog. Some thought actually appear everytime and I have no time to mention it. but lastly after so much fight within I am regularizing myself to write continuous. An attempt from me to gather my thoughts of all day along at one place at night. When there is all peace all around and when even your ears make some sisisi sound then its time when my real one start working.

Actually what i want to mention is that while buying silver coins at the Jewellary store, the shopkeeper told me that there are two types of coins one is of Rs.500, a new type coin and one is Rs.800, a old coin of One rupee value of British time. I felt sad seeing the Coin of British time as I compared with today. The one rupee is now approx Rs .800+ value, OMG. It mean that we were so rich at that time and we are now 1/800 time weaker today as of 200 years ago. The Mughal and British looters make our country poor in Gold and Silver. In a country economy Gold and Silver makes the scale of our Assests and value of economy.

I prefer to buy lastly old coin, a single piece with GST of 3%, but my B-ve blood make me think like that but in that context, thought came from inner soul that its good to be with iron that with Gold and Silver. लौह पुरुष‘ hona jyada behtar hai. wo chandi kis kaam ka , wo sona kis kaam ka jo kitni bhi kimat ka ho aur pada ka pada rah jaye. Asli kimat to us talwar ki hai jo dusmano ko khatm kare, us rail ki patriyo ki hai jisko desh ki life line maani jati, asli kimat to us लौह  ki hai to khoon me sama kar kisi ko urja bhar de. Ilsye tabbojju लौह  ko do, koi baat nahi angrez, sone ki chiriya ko khatm kar gaye, humare paas purusaath itna hai ki hum eis nagari ko fir se sone ki tarah bana denge

It happens, inner soul rises some time, I am little guy, powerful forces running country and even presently our politicial parties are Business Parties, they invest via election and make money via corruption. so people of India you need to rise up above your stomach and family to build up India.

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