Its Sunday and before Monday …… its 9’o Clock morning and I came to know about the fact that in the whole universe their are only 150 great personalities on which I can study and can a learn a lot from them, but suddenly my soul asked me a question ……. That was interesting….. My own Soul asked me is there any way to extract 0.66 % merits from each character and then extract them and trap them in my system.

I got in a dilemma, way out interesting. Since it’s inner sanctum words so, I must rely upon it and must charge my battery and to trap them. Then the time will come when I will be the 151th and then the percentage for others might reduce to 0.63%.  Neelmani is still thinking and understanding what he has written right now, but I have to deliver my potential above all.

In the present day life, I am right now is Setup mode, since I am establishing my first company or firm named Mani Square. It will be a collaboration of different companies in future but right now, It deals only with WEBINFORMATICS.

If some one who wants to query on the 150 great personalities, you may drop your valuable comment.

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