Still fighting for Independence : #SaveIndia


“Indians are Slave and they will remain”

Fighting for Real Independence : Redefining its meaning………

They are many reasons for writing this post, as a thinker and analyst, I have decided that its the time I need to express my feeling over present situation of India. I already know and fully confirm that my saying doesn’t mean any one since Big media Bulls are even helpless and how can my words have strong Impact, Still I have to say so I express. Continue reading “Still fighting for Independence : #SaveIndia”

Apne Blog pe kab sahi se likh paunga

Sochte Bahut aacha hai, Apne feelings ko words de, ideas bhi aache aa jate hai lekin Blog pe consistent Likh nahi paa rahe. The main reason is the lack of time and very much involved in Different dimensions. It’s now really important to have some attention on personal life, values and emotions.

Life is a learning process and we do learn many things in life, what I mean to say that if you learn then you must focus on that what happens actually is you learn but you loose since you have not time to really get to that.

Now, I am decided to give some words to my thoughts, feelings, emotions, my actions so that it would help me out to be a better Neelmani.

All my words which has been written in a way as I used to talk with myself only. I am important to myself then to others.

Today is 2nd of August and and I have pledge to be myself and better Neelmani. From now my friend is my Blog and I love it. I am not checking for grammar mistakes since words are flowing with emotions, so nothing to worry if I am weak then it would be better each day.

All for positive : Now thought it coming to write a review of my Name : Neelmani.

What does it take for us to Smile? 

Really, why can’t we? It takes fewer muscles for us to Smile and more muscles for us to frown. So come on…… take the easier route! A smile is an expression straight from our heart. It is a sign of emotional and mental health and satisfaction. If we smile, it changes our physiology and the whole atmosphere around us. When we smile, we generate happy molecules in our own body and to boot, we make other people happy too! Smiles are Contagious. Smiling is the only ‘cosmetic’ that you will really ever need. It is sure to enhance your beauty  throughout your entire life!


self love to success

self love to success

Its Remain Unaffected

What in this world you love the most ? Your spouse! Your parents! Your Children! Your Job! Your Success!. Most of you must be having different opinion, to some body spouse may be the dearest, to some one else the priority may be parents or children, but one thing that will permanently feature in the reply of every one is ‘success’. Everybody loves success, even if someone is indifferent towards his job, or blocked in a job where he does not have any interest and have not fared well enough and seldom achieved success, the love for this pleasant emotion is always there and that too in the top most priority . One may or may not try with sufficient efficiency, attitude and aptitude but the aspiration, the desire and the love for ‘success’ remains unaffected.


moving deeply in to the new
Caution : I am talking to myself only and to one, who knows “who I am”…. and
what I mean to her since 2002……
If you are other than, “that one” …….. You might be at Risk……….
Now, coming deeply to the virtual topic….since today, I am inspired a lot by just talking to her,
to come up again with a new topic exclusively for the real ones of the world…..

Moving Deeply into the New……

The present moment is all you ever have. There is never a time when your  life is not “this moment”.  Is this not a fact ?
Psychological time is a mental disease. Look as its collective manifestations. They occur, for e.g; in the form of Ideologies or, any nationalism, or rigid religious belief systems, which operate under the implicit assumptions that the highest good lies in the future and that therefore the end justifies the means. The end is an idea, a point in the mind projected future, when salvation in whatever form – happiness, fulfillment, equality, liberation, and so on-will be attained.
Not, infrequently, the means of getting there are the enslavement, torture and murder of people in the present. for example, it is estimated that as many as 50 million people were murdered to further the cause of communism to bring about a “better world”….. a chilling example of how belief in a future heaven creates a present hell.


nothing to lose

My Mother India, I am saying to you – Your Existence is in Danger

There are lots to say and ask to you, so read till end. We live in India and we were taught in childhood and even to present generation that we are the best in the world with the poems and songs. I am reaching 25 and my friends and nearby concerned usually ask what’s your opinion, who is better ? To whom you are going to vote? who is your favorite leader? Always these question make by B.P high but I realise suddenly that this is fact, and those who live in fact, lives on earth primarily in India.