What does it take for us to Smile? 

Really, why can’t we? It takes fewer muscles for us to Smile and more muscles for us to frown. So come on…… take the easier route! A smile is an expression straight from our heart. It is a sign of emotional and mental health and satisfaction. If we smile, it changes our physiology and the whole atmosphere around us. When we smile, we generate happy molecules in our own body and to boot, we make other people happy too! Smiles are Contagious. Smiling is the only ‘cosmetic’ that you will really ever need. It is sure to enhance your beauty  throughout your entire life!




Five Divine Abodes

Five abiding places of God

There are five different qualities –

1. Filial piety.

2. Feminine Chastity.

3. Brahmacharya.

4. Truthfulness

5. Devotion of God.

My Self, Neelmani will explain all the above terms one by one in a much descriptive way. So, All the readers with beautiful mind are invited. These lines are not the words of me, but these comprises of rules which must one obey to make this world better by contributing themself. These lines will be of God, from God to the child of God, who live in India only.
After reading my future writings on this topic, you will came to know about the five qualities which are the real homes of God Supreme and five great sacrifices.
I suppose, that my future writing and your reading  on ” Five Divine Abodes ” will the five stairs of Self-sublimation and the Moral Living persons would get benefited from it.
17/11/2013 @ 23:58 PM